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Please make sure to have reasonably high quality a/v records of the presentations.

Yes, please! A think a lot of people who won't be able to attend the conference would love to have the videos.

As you probably noticed, video quality of presentations vary greatly. I'm always amazed by the quality of the PyCon recordings: http://pycon.tv I'm speaking as an user; I don't have any affiliation with the PyCon AV team, nor I know anything about recording video.

I understand that you want to run the conference as non-proft, but I'm willing to pay to have good quality videos for this conference since I won't be able to attend, and I assume other people will be willing to pay as well. Maybe you could setup a donation page to raise money to record the videos.

Hi @gnufs, the idea is to have it done non-profit. So I'll be looking for volunteers to help me out with this aspect. Or I might approach Confreaks since they do a lot of conference filming. But not really sure how they operate...


I'm one part of http://www.44con.com/ and having run quite a few events in London would be happy to help out where I can. It might be worth at least meeting up for a chat to see what you want to do and bounce a few ideas around. My contact details are on my profile if you'd care to get in touch (as you don't have any on yours and a search for dotemacs on google yields quite a few results!).

Hey iuguy, how cool. Just the other day a read a post on how 44con came to be. Great reading. I'll definitely get in touch with you later today. For now, you can reach me as @dotemacs on twitter. Thanks for the offer & support!

You might want to contact the debconf video team for advice/help. http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Videoteam

I've worked on it before, so you can PM me if you have any questions.

@BCM43 how do I reach you? I'm @dotemacs on twitter.

msg me at hntmp@riseup.net (which is an alias to my real email address, which I would prefer not to post on HN).

Will do, thank you for the pointer

if I may suggest to just:

  - stable, straight facing video
  - clear mic sound with decent loudness
to avoid wasting efforts on a great idea. Some recent lisp conference videos were shot with a weird angle, and the speaker mic was buzzing, rendering the video useless. It can be post-processed but it can also be avoided first hand.

Good luck

ps: since competent people are proposing help, I might be redundant.

agumonkey, everybody is welcome :)

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