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the organizer says he is collecting interest right now. Once he's gauged the level it will be decided when and where.

Top story on HackerNews probably indicates interest.

Indeed it does, but I'd love to have input from other emacs related communities (emacs-devel, #emacs@freenode, org-devel, ding etc,) too.

Also, I'd love to see more presentations from active developers about the current situation of Emacs and possible future directions, or even presentations about less-known features or even some how-to-get-involved-propaganda.

I'd love to hear tromey talk about his plans to rebase emacs in CL: http://tromey.com/blog/?p=709

I thought the plan was to rebase in Guile Scheme?

that's just one plan. a lot of emacs people think that's a good plan, a lot of emacs people think that's a bad plan. I'm in the latter camp and prefer CommonLisp. But, hey, whatever works.

I was under the impression that while a lot of people think CL is a better plan, the work is actually under way for Guile (I guess more by the Guile team than the Emacs team). But, I feel like you would know better than I do.

Hi @officemonkey, updated the site with the location & time info. Thanks for your support :)

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