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Hardy's A Mathematician's Apology Revisited (review by W. W. Sawyer) (marco-learningsystems.com)
35 points by tokenadult 1663 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite

Hardy is an interesting figure in mathematics history. Were his standards snobbishly high? Yes. But he was also able to immediately recognize the fantastically capable and pure intelligence of people like Ramanujan who had no formal education.

I have issues with people that think the right school and right education make brilliance but Hardy was not one of those people. He had a history of identifying and separating true brilliance from people that merely had atypical quantities of education.

Ramanujan was hardly the unlettered child of the soil some people want him to be; he not only went to elementary and secondary schools, he got post-secondary education on a scholarship and even lived with other post-secondary students majoring in mathematics. He was also not ignored by the local mathematicians even before he met Hardy.

"You are both happiest and most effective when you are so absorbed in what you are doing that for a while you forget the limited being that is actually performing it."

Best fortune cookie I could ever hope to crack.

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