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Readability vs Instapaper (checkarun.blogspot.in)
4 points by ArunRaja on Apr 8, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

This was originally brought up on another blog: “Ever wonder if any publishers have actually collected any of your contribution?”.

Where’s the accountability for Readability? How do you know if the blogs you read are hooked in with Readabilty? If they aren’t, is the money kept in some sort of interest bearing account as an incentive to signup? Shouldn’t that already be disclosed somewhere?

You don’t have these problems with Flattr. Both Instapaper and Readability could simply scan for the Flattr link during the same time they’re stripping out the other elements. The Flattr link could then be dynamically added to either program if it exists.

I don’t understand why Readabilty, Instapaper, and blogs don’t integrate with micropayment systems like Flattr (http://flattr.com/). Readability’s 30% cut seems like a lot. Why reinvent the micropayment wheel and limit it to just blogs? Other than the payment system there isn’t much functional difference from Instapaper. (disclosure: I’ve only sampled Readability whereas I’ve used Instapaper for a year+)

Yeah this should be the one you are talking about http://agblog.com/entry/3932 , that sounds interesting idea for readability to use flattr indirectly.

Moreover all articles a person reads may not be useful. So flattr's idea of "Click if useful" would provide money distribution to worthy.

Kindle support should be pointed out and while both say they support it, I found Readability's to be much more reliable. As much as I liked to support Marco with Instapaper I had to stop donating and switch. Sending to my kindle wasn't working any longer and Marco was never returning any emails I sent off inquiring about the issues I was having. So far Readability's Kindle support has been working perfectly for me.

Thanks updated :)

possibly the worst article I have ever read

Hi Thought of sharing my experience. Sorry If the content quality is very bad. Will improve :)

You may try to get your facts right. Instapaper is not a dollar a day. Also, if you are giving cons for Instapaper, you should provide cons for Readability as well. Otherwise the articles loses objectivity.

Thanks that's typo :( and Cons added ! Hope I am having some good learning today.

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