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on Apr 8, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite

It's not even just mobile. Even on my laptop, I always check the URL on the voting button before I click, just to make sure. The buttons are too small and too close together even on a full sized screen, IMO.

Just curious... when does down voting become an option? At 223, it's not. (The FAQ refers to a "certain threshold", which couldn't be less specific.)

You need 500 karma. The limit is increased every once in awhile, but this seems to still be the threshold since I just crossed it last week.

Interestingly, after I hit 500 the downvote option didn't appear so I wondered if the threshold might have changed, but it fortunately became available later that day.

Edit: ceol is right. That matches my experience, too (verified by looking at older posts).

From what I've noticed, you only get it for the comments on articles since you passed the threshold. You're unable to downvote old comments.

there are more features at higher karma levels, too. nobody really talks about it, though.

I can't downvote yet, but upvoting something because I was trying to scroll irks me.

Yes please. If you screw up, it's impossible to revert.

Many a time my (not really) fat fingers have flagged an innocent post, same happens on Reddit too.

You can unflag.

Look at the bottom of HN and you'll see a link to this post: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=363

Opera on Android (and maybe iOS) has this awesome feature where if links are close together it will zoom in so you can select the right one.

Chrome does this too. I haven't misclicked since I made the switch.

I read on my iPod almost everyday and never had this problem. Maybe you dont zoom enough?

well u have an ipod...i have an android powered sony ericsson xperia and it happens to me regulrly to click a link and my phone detects it as a flag the link

there is always a mobile version of the rss feed which makes it mobile friendly... http://hn.gethifi.com I had though about writing one until I came across this.

An option for bigger arrows would also be nice and less frustrating.

As a quick fix let undo the last voting, whatever it was.

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