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@jot's a friend of mine, we (http://strongsteam.com/) followed out in January in Round 2.5. His notes match my experiences and those of others here in Round 2.5.

A group of us have just started a weekly self-mentorship group, frankly I should have started such a group 2 months back (I've been here 10 weeks now). Get on with this quickly when you arrive (and expect to iterate, experiment and change all the time)

Definitely come with spare cash - $10k is probably about right. Better yet - have a client lined up before you come who pays you as you hit your deadlines whilst here. It kept us on our toes, we delivered, we had cash-flow.

In addition, here are 3 blog posts which might help:




The third is about the AI/data meet we setup - over 100 folk turned up to hear 4 of us speak at the just-opened hackerspace, a founder of Skype also spoke and a local entrepreneur brought local beers. It was a darned fine evening.

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