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Are there many limits on what you can have reimbursed? I'm especially curious about hardware (would buy a Macbook Pro, monitor, Android phone+tablet, DSLR - all business related) and lawyers fees (for incorporation in the USA, privacy policies, etc).

Also, is it easy to find a nice place near the coworking spaces? Ideally, I'd love just a short walk between home and the "office".

The limits depend on the rules of each round. That being said, so long as you incur the hardware costs and legal fees during your 6 months in the program it should be reimbursed. However consult with your rounds rules first, and when in doubt ask your account executive.

As for how easy, I'd say it depends on what you are used to. Finding a place, now that there are two full rounds in Chile, is getting harder. You'll have to look on a bunch of sites (I recommend homechile.cl) Sometimes you can get lucky doing door to door to apartments. In June the first participants in the second round will be starting to leave chile so it might be worth asking the community then.

Thank you, that's encouraging. Note to others: use www.homechile.cl.

I think the key to smooth reimbursement is meticulous documentation of everything! (Invoice, receipts, bank statements, credit card statements, etc.) It's not uncommon for me to have 4 different docs for a single expense item, but you'll get used to the bureaucratic ways of Chile soon enough. That said, I've been here 3 months, and so far have gotten most hardware purchases including a new Android phone reimbursed. One more thing to mention is that electronics here in Chile have like at least a 30% markup compared US prices, more for iPads and such. Just FYI.

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