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> I really wish people would stop citing the Paradox of Choice.

Even if it were true, it's not as though there is no choice in other language communities.

What python web framework should I use? I can choose among several well-documented, supported, maintained systems; and if I need an extra library for a specialized task, there's a packaging system to install it (and it's probably well-maintained and documented, as well).

The times I've looked at lisp I just don't see that at all. Look here:


Those frameworks are all either dead or pre-production-quality.

I'd like to like lisp, but I find that I'm a software engineer before a computer scientist. Things like a good extension mechanism, good documentation, a complete standard library, and a robust community matter more to me than a powerful macro system.

Clojure and racket may be exceptions. I'll probably try one of those out.

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