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Qloo | Multiple Roles | Full Time | REMOTE (NYC, Los Angeles, Amsterdam)

Qloo predicts consumer taste across media, products, fashion, hospitality and travel in a privacy-centric manner. We have an API and maintain some consumer-facing projects. We were funded by investors like AXA and Elton John, Leonardo DiCaprio, Barry Sternlicht, and others.

We're a small team with big output. There's a nice office in SoHo, NYC you can work from, if you want.

We have a few positions available with flexible terms and titles:

1. Frontend – Typescript, React, Redux, Material-ui, Storybook.

2. Backend – Kubernetes, LLM, AWS, Python, Airflow, Postgres, Serverless.

We'd love to hear from you: jobs@qloo.com

Please mention your general location and include links to any relevant projects.

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