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Gonzo, seems like we are in agreement and you are just arguing very nuanced semantics with me. Hotel brands do indeed own their own hotels, but franchise groups will own the majority of the hotels for low to mid tier brands (Accor being a major exception).

Like you said, the GM, the owner, and the franchise group is a fuzzy designation at best. The contract is always with the owning entity, but management will most likely select the provider.

Wyndham, who owns the largest percentage of the hotels it manages, also owns (and operates) Hiltons, Marriotts, and Sheritons. Starwood owns hotels with franchised brands, as does Marriott. They (nearly) all do.

It's not a fuzzy designation, it's what happens when the backroom guys are literally playing Monopoly with real world objects.

I was with Wayport (now AT&T). Who are you with?

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