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1.) You named one deficiency. You Googled it and although there were answers, you didn't like the answers that you received. Please enumerate the other deficiencies so I can laugh at how incredibly lame your perceived problems are.

2.) The docs for smtplib are longer than the code for cl-smtp. You'd get going quicker by reading the code and examples (tests) included in cl-smtp. Docs are wrong as soon as someone forgets to update them anyway.


We have had this discussion for much longer than four years. The problem is people whine about not having documentation, but refuse to put in the effort to go document libraries themselves. Same with serial ports.

How long does it take to write a few CFFI wrappers and put them on Github? If you want it so badly, do it yourself. Of course, you'd rather just use Python, which is fine, Python is fine... Norvig likes it too. You probably already know Python. Python is safe, Python is your friend. The reality is that you are justifying your perfectly reasonable desire to stay in your comfort zone with python by saying 'blah library doesn't exist'. Creating 'blah library' sounds like a perfectly reasonable place to start learning the language to me.

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