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I agree with you completely. QuickLisp does a damn fine job of solving some major problems. Honestly, looking through QuickLisp while writing up my post has made me consider moving from scheme back to CL for the first time in a long time.

My comment about asdf mostly comes from my experiences back in 2005 when I repeatedly heard that Common Lisp had NO problems and that asdf was so superior to CPAN or rubygems that there was no need to implement a new package system. In the same way, I often heard that we didn't have an issue with insufficient libraries, since UFFI (or was it CFFI?) has solved all of that. I wouldn't have been surprised if those same commentators would today declare that QuickLisp has solved everything.

However, those conversation that I had back in 2005 were not with you and I apologize for putting words in your mouth.

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