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Ask YC: The site that let you mockup user flow / registration procedures?
9 points by Steve0 on Nov 30, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
I know I've seen it here before, but didn't bookmark it and have been googling for a while now.

It had this flash based interface you could use to draw fancy diagrams of user sign up, invite friends, etc...

Does anyone recall it's name/url? Thanks!

I believe the mockup + workflow tool was: http://productplanner.com/.

I was looking for that one, thanks! Balsamiq looks nice too!

maybe it's this : http://www.balsamiq.com/

Although not what you're looking for it reminded me of a great tool I've used and seen a few times.


Quick and easy sequence diagrams. Love it

Ths one may evenbe better suited for me needs. Thanks!

personally I prefer to use photoshop...yes with Balsamiq you can do the thing in a few minutes to get a rough draft...but to me at least, it seems like the time you'd save on the draft, you'll lose in the coding process by not having a clear idea of what you are planning.

With photoshop you can get an exact idea of what you'll be doing. And the extra time spent on getting a good mockup, will be more than made up, when you actually start coding.

Paper and pencil?

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