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There was actually a piece on this on Watchdog (a BBC Uk consumer issues programme) just last night. One hotel owner (which provides free Wifi) said it cost them £300 to provide the Wifi, he had 150 rooms so £1.50 a month/5p a day. The cost of the Wifi equipment that needed to be installed? His reply was "it's like fitting toilets, it's a one off cost which you just need to pay". They were specifically looking at the cost of wifi when staying at top hotels, some costing up to £20 a night. Your argument was one they also raised :)

The reason for the extortionate costs? Probably to make up for the lost revenue streams from people not using the in-room phones any more. I hope at that at least in this instance the guy wasn't paying for the internet access, that would be taking the p*ss!

For those of you in the UK then the show is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01fhfw8/Watchdog_05_04...

in-room movie providers are also suffering.

Why watch expensive in-room pr0n from Lodgenet (and have to explain the charge on your bill) when a browser will serve up similar at a lower cost?

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