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But Ruby is more or less a "rapid development" environment.

You pay for quick development turn-around with machines.

Go is not in that kind of space as far as I know since, as I understand it, Go is sold as low-ish level language competing with C++ and C for system development. For something that would replace those languages, unexplained, systematic leaks would be bad (I mean, my C++ programs might leak but it's reasonably easy to discover why. That matters).

From experience, development in Go can definitely be classified as rapid. The type system stays out of your way, and compile times are insignificant. Try compiling on play.golang.org, or tour.golang.org to see what I mean.

About this issue: yeah, its unfortunate, but its a property of the class of garbage collector that Go uses atm. My servers are all 64-bit, so doesn't really affect me. But I do feel bad for those who are trying to run Go on ARM, or on 32-bit servers.

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