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"Beds are considered a cost center but are tolerated because they are the number one amenity requested by guests."

WiFi is just as much part of the service a modern hotel provides as a clean bed, nice breakfast and whatever else they might advertise. Why isn't it treated like that? Why aren't they putting ads on my pillow?

There was actually a piece on this on Watchdog (a BBC Uk consumer issues programme) just last night. One hotel owner (which provides free Wifi) said it cost them £300 to provide the Wifi, he had 150 rooms so £1.50 a month/5p a day. The cost of the Wifi equipment that needed to be installed? His reply was "it's like fitting toilets, it's a one off cost which you just need to pay". They were specifically looking at the cost of wifi when staying at top hotels, some costing up to £20 a night. Your argument was one they also raised :)

The reason for the extortionate costs? Probably to make up for the lost revenue streams from people not using the in-room phones any more. I hope at that at least in this instance the guy wasn't paying for the internet access, that would be taking the p*ss!

For those of you in the UK then the show is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01fhfw8/Watchdog_05_04...

in-room movie providers are also suffering.

Why watch expensive in-room pr0n from Lodgenet (and have to explain the charge on your bill) when a browser will serve up similar at a lower cost?

During a recent hotel stay, there was a placard on the nightstand advertising the fact that bed had a Serta mattresses.

At a recent resort stay, they provided a catalogue that allowed one to purchase the same linens and toiletries provided in the suite.

Not on your pillow but definitely on your TV, on your desk, on your room key, ...

Thought exercise: If you took away the WiFi, you would still have a hotel. If you took away the bed, you would have ____.

Actually if you take away the WiFi you have a hotel I no longer go to. The last few years I have traveled to the same places (mostly toronto area) enough that if I find a hotel with no wifi or a real bad connection I simply never go there again. There are always other hotels I can go to.

Fine, how about air conditioning?

A personal WiFi connected quiet space that rents by the hour?

To be fair, beds are what the hotel sells. ("Heads on beds" in hotel parlance.)

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