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kaylarose 744 days ago | link | parent

Getting more women into tech* isn't just about the money...

1.) Not encouraged in early years: If you are a tech-savvy female, "soft" tech careers (Graphic Design etc.) are generally recommended as career paths.

2.) It's a Boy's Club: If you make it past the college classes (with a 20:1 M-to-F ratio), you enter the workforce with (mostly) the same ratio. This means that unless you have thick skin & a good sense of humor, you'll never make it.

3.) You're Wrong: Even if you are right. And no one will hesitate to tell you why.

* Speaking for a professional career in Tech.

In my experience, a lot of these actually provoke you to strive to over-achieve & prove yourself. But I can see how it can seem off-putting for a new-comer.

coderdude 744 days ago | link

I'm surprised this is still an issue. The guys here can't seem to trip over each other quickly enough to white knight imaginary women from any possible sexism. Is there a tech crowd that isn't obsessed over this topic and is making us all endure having to hear that Leisure Suit Larry is sexist and why? Speaking as a guy who managed guys and gals alike (in tech) and never treated them like children.


euccastro 744 days ago | link

Getting more women into tech isn't just about the money...*

I don't suppose you're implying the OP means otherwise?


mikert 743 days ago | link

#2 would apply just as readily to female-dominated positions like nursing. A man who cannot handle a competitive, female-dominated field like nursing will get his ass handed to him as badly or worse. Men tend to be able to tolerate women who cannot get along in a male-dominated environment. That is not even remotely true in reverse.


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