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Again and again, criticism comes up against affirmative action to get more women in computing. How can this possibly be unfair? How many of you know what it is really like to be a woman in computing? Can you imagine what it is like to go to a tech conference and be judged on your gender? To be approached as if you must be someone's girlfriend because why else would you be here, or otherwise be some freak of nature? To have to excel a thousand times over among your peers because otherwise you feel you are not good enough? To not want to use the computer room during your free time in highschool because if you don't socialize with other girls at that age you'll be completely cut out of the social-ladder loop?

Are you also feeling somehow ostracised because of your minority genetic dispositions or lifestyle? Then welcome more women into the field, because acceptance welcomes more acceptance. We rage about what happened to Turing, but I wonder how many of us in that day and age, if we were his peers, would have fought for him publicly. And yes, I put Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper on a pedestal. I put Ada's mother on a pedestal for pushing Ada into mathematics. Without a role model, every person of minority must make the fight to be the first, and why use that energy fighting to be the first when that energy is better spent innovating in the field.

I ask you all please, look to a future 20-30 years from now, when there is more of a balance, as it happened in the fields of medicine, law, architecture.. There was a time when being a woman professional was unimaginable and resisted. It took courage and fearlessness, and it happened. It can happen in our field too, just don't keep blocking it (unwittingly or no) with constant criticism, it's tiring.

I cannot wait until the day a post on HN about achieving a balance in our technical fields has zero comments wondering why this could possibly be a good thing.

All that happens with socially inept man, but they can't dismiss it on gender.

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