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If you read the follow-up, you will see that he actually lost an appeal by Google: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/aaron-greenspan/why-google-bot...

In particular:

> Despite Google's objections to what they perceived to be technical violations of their AdSense terms of service, they also had an entirely separate (but confusingly similar-sounding) program called AdSense for Domains, which handled the exact problem I was trying to solve--that of using advertising to profit from "parked," or unused, domain names, much like putting a billboard on a vacant lot. Though AdSense for Domains was closed to the public for years, Google did finally open it up December 11, 2008, just two days after my account was cancelled. Had it allowed my company to join in the first place, I would have had no reason to create my own billboard using "normal" AdSense since Google would have already taken care of it for me, and no violation would have occurred.

"If Google would've let me into their private club I wouldn't have had to trespass in it" probably didn't sit too well with the judge.

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