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You should read the original Flajolet Martin paper if all you're doing is distinct count estimation.

More than that, it's worth perusing all of Flajolet's papers, they're a wonderful intersection of analysis combinatorics and algorithms, and the recent book he had Coauthored (before his unfortunate passing last year) http://algo.inria.fr/flajolet/Publications/book.pdf is an amazing book.

Do you have a citation? A PDF link would be great and appreciated.

Looks like Flajolet was responsible for both the linear probabilistic method and the hyper log log method.

Probabilistic method (1985): http://algo.inria.fr/flajolet/Publications/FlMa85.pdf

Hyper log log (2007): http://algo.inria.fr/flajolet/Publications/FlFuGaMe07.pdf

Thanks. I've seen it before but will give a re-read.

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