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Windows is now better? What the fuck. You do realize this is Java exploit, and that recent versions of OS X don't even ship with Java. And on top of that this "malware" asks user for their admin password to install itself. And on top of that if you have dev tools or any of the popular system monitoring utilities it gives up!

Contrast that with typical Windows situation where no user cooperation is required to get infected.

Cool down, turbo, he's saying that Windows has improved from what it was in previous versions, not that Windows is better than OS X (the horror!)

He's also edited his post to make it less ambiguous.

I don't recall it being more ambiguous at any point, but my brain is bad at keeping revisions. Even if you're right, it doesn't excuse the tone.

Drop the hostility and reread what I said. I didn't say "Windows is now better than Macs."

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