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Ask HN: List of Hacker Blogs?
70 points by brandnewlow on Nov 29, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 45 comments
I'm playing around with memetrackers and looking for interesting "scenes" to create trackers for. I've rolled a few so far with interesting results and would like to make one for hacker blogs (blogs written by hackers).

Usually, I surf around and pull sites from blogrolls. And I'll do that here, but who's got the best blogrolls for these sorts of blogs?

Also, if you're a hacker and have a blog, feel free to post your RSS feed URL below. It takes about 30 minutes to make a new tracker once I've got all the feeds together. If it turns out to be interesting, I'll share the URL on here to see what you all think.

I wonder if you could generate this automatically. Let me explain where I'm coming from. I made the Theory of Computing Blog Aggregator (http://feedworld.net/toc), and part of the reason I didn't set up more aggregators with the software was that you need domain-knowledge to create the blogrolls.

My idea was that you could start from 2 or 3 "seeds" on a given topic, find which blogs they are linking to, filter them by pagerank or technorati rank or whatever, and use an off-the-shelf machine learning tool to determine if they are on the same topic. I never got around to it; other projects I'm working on took up all of my time.

But if you can build this intelligence, you can create aggregators/memetrackers/whatever for an unlimited number of topics. And further create communities around each one and so on.

If someone wants to collaborate on this idea, let me know.

P.S. To build my aggregator, I started off with planet planet (http://www.planetplanet.org/), but made a bunch of improvements like automatic comment import. There is an unreleased version with a lot more features (including a google reader-like UI) that I will be happy to show anyone who's interested.

Incidentally, one of the data sets that we have from a friend of ours that we're playing with internally is a collection of links from the entire German blogosphere. From there we can do queries to see which blogs are similar to others, so if you had a starting point of blogs that you liked, it can suggest others.

Completely unrelated, a while back we did start putting together a planet for some of the folks from HN. It didn't really take off, but there's still some good reading there:


In a perfect world, that's exactly how I'd do it, too. Right now though, I'm still working out the bugs on how to get the mix of sources right and make the presentation interesting. Machine learning is being applied to which sources make the front page and lead the memes, based on clicks from readers. Ideally, the "picking up" of sources would also be automated as well.

My blog (a combination of tarsnap, FreeBSD, and general computer security): http://www.daemonology.net/blog/

bookmarked your site when tarsnap beta came out/was on HN. Skimmed it briefly bit but honestly couldn't figure out how tarsnap worked so I tagged it "toread" and left it at that. ;-P Will go back through your archives now.

honestly couldn't figure out how tarsnap worked

Tell me more -- what was unclear?

I remember wondering if it was a local thing that I had to pay for or if it was some cloud like service that I pay for and upload to..

Tarsnap is a backup service -- you pay to store your backups on it.

And thanks for replying; knowing what people find unclear will make my life much easier when I write all the text for the tarsnap website. :-)

yeah i gotcha. when I first heard about it I wasn't sure if it was more a security tool or a backup tool, and/or how it compared to my current S3 setup.

Tarsnap is both a security tool and a backup tool. It's a tool for secure backups; and good backups, as a risk mitigation tool, are an important part of security.

I'll add mine here, I try not to participate in blog noise and only write about things I've actually, so it might not be so interesting for memetracking:


So my blog is http://kid666.com/ which has a blogroll of a bunch of engineers who work(ed) for Yahoo in Europe.

There is also the Yahoo blog directory which is probably hideously out of date. (http://kid666.com/yahoo-blogs-employee-bloggers-directory/)

I'd love to plug my blog here - I've touched on coding a few times but it's generally tech with a dabbling of what's up with my startup here and there and problems we have/how i get around them.


Ahh, you're the source of the "German keyboard" Apple repair story. Saw that linked on the Consumerist the other week.

lol-- isn't your blog banned from digg?

I'm a hacker and I have 3 blogs.

http://ourdoings.com/ourdoings-startup/ is mostly about OurDoings but with content geared toward people interested in web startups.

http://ourdoings.com/brlewis/ is more random.

http://ourdoings/com/index.html is geared toward customers and potential customers of OurDoings, i.e. people who want to share photos that tell a story.

Steve Yegge's essays are a great read: http://steve-yegge.blogspot.com/

Share! Would love to check your memetracker out!

Feel free to add my blog, http://blog.jrock.us, to your reading list. It is usually about Perl or Lisp, and I try to keep it instructional instead of "omg this is shiny" or "why I hate $programming_language_foo". Some of that creeps in from time to time, and I apologize in advance :)

Update: I'm now at 174 rss feeds to track. I've seen some really ugly blogs along the way.

Also, here's a post that purports to list the top 100 dev blogs: http://www.noop.nl/2008/09/top-100-blogs-for-development-man...

Keep 'em coming.

http://planet.intertwingly.net/ is a solid aggregation of various tech blogs, you can milk the blogroll there for some good links.

I will run the risk of annoying everyone as a master of the obvious but this should be included, yes?


http://feeds.feedburner.com/KrisJordan - personal plug - programming, start-ups, php

related YC thread -> where are the indian hackers


http://blogs.thoughtworks.com - A great blog aggregation of Thoughtworks workers.

Schneier on Security: http://www.schneier.com/blog/

I am on my way to becoming a hacker :)

My blog: http://www.catonmat.net

Mine is at: http://restraint.org

Someone should scrape all the blog URLs from our news.yc profiles.

I'm curious to know what tools OP is using to track memes.

here is the rss feed to my blog (french/english):


there are a lot of hackerblogs over at http://advogato.org

Why dont you ask for us to post opml?

mattmazur.com, updated every now and then :)

Does http://blag.xkcd.com count as "hacker" haha

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