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I have XCode installed, so I guess I'm safe from this. Do you have any standard advice for how a regular MacOS user should configure their system to be safe? I don't even have anti-virus software installed like I do on my Windows machine, I assumed the Mac OS took care of that (but not if 1/2 million Macs are infected with this thing =/). I do keep the built-in firewall turned on. Is there a website or something that I can go to that will teach me what steps I should take on my MacBook Pro to keep it clean?

I personally run chrome and block all plugins by default, and enable them when I think I have a good idea what the plugin is doing. You can then set specific sites that may always run plugins, so it's not overly annoying when on a few flash-heavy sotes. Presumably Safari has a similar option.

Unfortunately Chrome only allows you to "run all plug-ins" on a site or "block all plug-ins", so there's still a possibility of enabling Java when you meant to enable flash to view a video. However, it's probably a good first step against attacks like these.

I also run under a regular user account without direct sudo access, so any action that modifies system files should request an admin password. Jeff Atwood (codinghorror.com) had a good post about this for Windows: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2007/06/the-windows-securit...

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