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Of note — if Java is the attack vector, new Macs were not vulnerable by default as they don’t ship with Java installed anymore a/o 10.7 Lion. AFAIK, the biggest reason anyone would have Java is if you’re running Adobe products.

Or LibreOffice, or Eclipse, or...

Java is plenty widespread. It's a good bet that most systems are going to end up with a JVM on disk somewhere after 6 mo - 1 yr of usage.

I don’t know — those aren’t apps normal people install.

(And: The same people who install Eclipse, Minecraft, LibreOffice, or Photoshop are also more likely to have one of the apps that Flashback avoids co-habitating with: Little Snitch, Xcode, etc.)

Minecraft is _hugely_ popular with anybody under 14. To the point that it's no longer only nerdy parents that showed their kids it, it's kids hearing about it from other kids.

It's simple to buy and install and get working. There is no reason to assume that Mac users running Minecraft are going to also have Xcode or Little Snitch.

Well, it's a good thing that designers don't use Macs then.


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