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Eric, who did the video on the homepage? Did you guys do it yourselves, or farm it out? What tool(s) were used? I have a project that needs a video with that kind of look, and would love some pointers! Thnx

Hey there, we did all the videos ourselves. We created most of the graphics in Photoshop and animated them in After Effects, we recorded the voiceover in Audacity and did the final audio with music in garageband. Oh and we purchased the audio loop from audiojungle.com. Cheap but they have some decent stuff, you just have to find it ;) Hope that helps!

> showing you the most imPPPortant things (~00:52)

You really should use an anti-pop filter; you can make one yourself with a pair of stockings and a wire hanger.

We always get songs for our videos at AudioJungle. It's a great resource! Thanks for the tip about After Effects!

I was surprised to see "Go fuck yourself" on the video (0:39). Was that a mistake or a conscious decision? Otherwise, it's a very slick professional video.

thanks for the info. recently spotted a question on quora on this exact topic in case anyone wants more tips http://www.quora.com/Is-there-a-cheap-way-to-make-an-explana...

I've linked to your comment here. Isn't After Effects expensive though?

Absolutely loved the video. Thanks for telling us how you did that.

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