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We are planning an Android release. You will be able to re-use most or all of your web portions, which we're really excited about. Our bet is that today this will help some iOS developers enough to use, and when we release Android it will bring that many more developers into the fold.

Honestly, it's not useful to me until it's cross-platform, and your one "killer feature" that other enhanced JavaScript wrappers don't have is explicitly against Apple's developer TOS.

I would worry about releasing this feature publicly at all, since it might jeopardize your existing apps when Apple realizes you're able to push changes to code. They used to ban all scripting languages in large part because they were worried about developers pushing new code to apps; after a lot of pressure from various directions, they relaxed the scripting language restriction, but it's still quite explicitly against the developer agreement to ever download new code to an app.

That's good news: I think with more than one platform the advantages of a web-based approach really become apparent.

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