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You mention the facebook app directly on the line between hybrid and multi-platform (https://clutch.io/clutch-hybrid/). Do you know an examination or break-down of the facebook mobile app (or any of the others you mention in the graph) where I can read about how these apps really do it?

I'm not aware of any central place where you can go to learn more about all of the apps. But in the case of Facebook you can find out more how they do it here:

* Go to https://apps.facebook.com/feightlive/

* Go to the f8 | Developer tab

* Click "Building Great Social Apps"

* Hit "previous segments"

* Go the end, "F8 inside HTML5 development at Facebook"

Hm, actually he talked much and didn't say anything. After this presentation it could be a simple Phonegap container, some native plugins and the feed and stuff in a web view. Guess I have to go poke around myself.


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