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A fork of ruby-debug that works on 1.9.2 and 1.9.3 (github.com)
39 points by cmer 2079 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

After getting frustrated with ruby debug on 1.9.3, I realized that pry-nav and pry-stack-explorer are an excellent replacement for ruby-debug. After using pry for a while, I doubt I will return to using irb and ruby-debug.

As the author of pry-nav, I'm really glad to see more people using it! Thanks and please file issues if you get any odd behavior. I've been trying to improve the tracing.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think Pry can do "step" and such? I've been using Pry as well but I'm still very happy to see familiar ruby-debug back!

You can do steps if you install pry-nav https://github.com/nixme/pry-nav

Pry-nav gives you access to next, continue, and step. Give pry and pry-nav a try. I doubt you will have much interest in going back to ruby-debug.

Unfortunately using pry-nav with pry has some limitations that ruby-debug doesn't: 1. It doesn't seem to work in some cases (like putting binding.pry in a Proc.new { ... } 2. On Windows, binding.pry works when directly embedded in a ruby script, but when put into code such as a Rails controller or model then several things don't work properly ('whereami' will show it doesn't have context.. though this works fine on Linux)

For these reasons, I still find ruby-debug better for actual debugging (when step/next are necessary) and pry better for inspecting state at a particular moment in time (but I can just call pry from the ruby-debug in that case)

I've never encountered those limitations, but since you have could you file an issue on the pry-nav repo? (https://github.com/nixme/pry-nav).

Remember, pry and pry-nav are new projects, and bugs can usually be fixed. And the sooner you file an issue, the sooner the bug can be fixed :)

I've switched to Pry

The thing I like best about pry is that I don't have to start my application with --debugger.

Also, being able to cd into and out of objects is fantastic.

Shouldn't ruby-debug be part of ruby? I've been super annoyed when new ruby versions come without a working debugger.

Switched to Pry and probably will not look back in a near future...am I missing something here?

ha, just shared http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3797489

taking a look.

I have been using ruby-debug with 1.9.3 for a while now and have not had issues. Don't really understand why this fork was needed.

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