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Show HN: Storybooks – AI-generated bedtime stories for kids (storybooks.app)
8 points by awormuth 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

The two featured stories I read were both awful. Bland. Cheesy. Nonsensical. Saccharine.

The non-sequitur, occasionally AI-nightmarish illustrations might serve as brief entertainment for a small child.



I agree with you, I read the one about the bear and to be honest I find this quite disrespectful to children.

These are, at best, the Uncanny Valley of bedtime stories.

Thanks for the feedback! Lots of work to do on both the storyline and illustrations.

Neat product!

Small tip for your website, you might want to compress your pngs as they take quite a bit of time to appear for slow internet connections. There's quite a few lossless compression tools out there that you can use :)

good call, thanks for the suggestion!

Suppose this was “trained” using copyrighted work?

I use ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, and try to avoid gray areas where possible. In general, this is a problem the entire developer ecosystem faces. I do hope there is more clarity on this issue in the future.

It would be cool to get a different story emailed to me each night just before the kids bed time (7pm).

That's a great idea! I'll work on adding this ASAP. Would you prefer just a reminder with a daily curated story? Or something that's personalized based on your child's interest?

Ui needs some help on mobile. A lot of the text is overlapping.

Thanks for the feedback. It seems mobile is popular at bedtime, so definitely something to improve!

Site appears to be down.

i'll keep an eye on it!

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