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Show HN: Continue for JetBrains - how we made it IDE-agnostic (jetbrains.com)
7 points by sestinj 8 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
Hi HN!

Since launching Continue two months ago (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=36882146), we've received amazing feedback, added features, and greatly improved reliability. But one of the biggest things we heard was the desire for a JetBrains extension. My co-founder Ty and I are super excited to share that we've released an extension for PyCharm, Intellij, WebStorm, and most other JetBrains IDEs - ready for alpha users at https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/22707-continue.

Perhaps the most exciting part is that this effort was kickstarted and in great part developed by a community contributor! If you're curious what it took to make this happen, check out the PR here (https://github.com/continuedev/continue/pull/457). We hope to eventually support every IDE, so we made adding a new extension as easy as implementing a single class. If you're curious why this is possible, you can read more about the Continue Server and the architectural decisions we made here: https://blog.continue.dev/how-we-made-continue-ide-agnostic.

Two questions:

1. I’m assuming I need to pay for my own open AI key for access to the API. That’s no problem I believe in simple transactions where I give a company money and they give me goods and services.

2. On that same note, what is your business plan? Again, the only answer I would agree with is “that we are going to ask for enough money so our business is going to be an ongoing concern”.

I really want you to avoid of at possible that we see a blog post in a couple of years about “our amazing journey”

If it isn’t obvious, I’m saying I see some real value in your plug in and I’m hoping for the best from you and will gladly pay real money for it.

I had a personal JetBrains subscription for years when I was doing C# development and I pay for ChatGPT now.

You'll get our GPT-4 free trial for a while, but then after that you'll also have the option to use a local model, which would be free (though of course their quality doesn't quite yet match GPT-4)

Currently, we want our product to be free for individuals. But there are many benefits to running a hosted Continue Server for an entire team, and we plan to monetize in this "multiplayer" fashion. One example of the importance of this is if you wanted to combine the implicit feedback of all developers in order to fine-tune a custom LLM, but we go a bit more in depth in our blog post: https://blog.continue.dev/how-we-made-continue-ide-agnostic

Glad to hear Continue has been useful so far!

I haven’t used it. I like the idea and it looks promising.

I’m going to say - don’t make it free for individuals. Once it is ready - charge real money.

Gotcha, very much appreciate the feedback

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