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In that case, may I recommend The Millionaire Next Door?


EDIT: Must say I'm not really sure why I was downmodded; this is an excellent book (a classic really) that provides advice from 'actual rich people'. Maybe it's the get-rich-slowly aspect?

I haven't read this, but Nasim Taleb talks about it a lot in Fooled by Randomness. For example, Thomas Stanley, the book's author, states that risk taking is a common characteristic that rich people have. Nasim basically says "Yeah, sure, but what about the masses of people who are poor because of their risk taking?"

I recommend reading Fooled by Randomness first and then, if you're still interested, The Millionaire Next Door.

That's a good point. Lots of the factoids about rich people don't say anything about all the people who used those approaches. So, besides things like common sense and intuition, it is hard to get a statistically accurate idea about the correlation between the methods and their users' success.

When you get down to 0 or -1 often it's just assholes being arbitrary or pedantic. Don't worry about it. Asking why you were downmodded is a sure way to get dowmodded more though; it annoys people.

On the other hand, saying "I know I'll get downmodded for this, but..." is a sure way to get upmodded:)

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