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One detail I have noticed in the car buying process is related to financing the vehicle through the car manufacturers financing service. I am unaware of exact rules at all locations but this is how it worked at one my friend purchased a car on.

The dealership would offer a rebate only if you financed it through their service. Anyhow, the rates they gave were horrible but like any loan you have the ability to pay it off in the near future. Sometimes this can be used to get a better price on the vehicle by making the dealership think they are going to make a lot of money on the loan in the long run when in fact you are actually just going to pay it off or refinance it in a few months (some deals state that you can't refinance for like 2 months or something from my understanding).

This process doesn't always work though because it involves more more people dealing with your loan, of which each of them usually cost some small amount of money.

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