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Having worked in the industry, I know invoice price is not actually the lowest price they can go. All car manufactures have something called "dealer holdback" or some version of it (sometimes multiple under different names). They essentially charge the dealers $300-$1000+ extra for the car so that the invoice is artificially inflated; when the car sells, the manufacturer gives the dealership that money back. So even if they sell you a car for "invoice" they're still making money. The reason manufacturers do this is not necessarily sinister to try and rip people off, but it's to protect the dealers from themselves and to protect their brands. The trend is changing now, but up until 10-15 years ago, owners of car dealerships generally had NO formal education (many still don't). They would take deals and do things that would cause the dealerships to get into financial trouble; this way the manufacturer guaranteed the dealership made some money... Also, of course, the manufacturers always try to protect the perceived value of their brands through price controls

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