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3) The possibility that after fulfilling the manifest destiny of implacably rampaging across our universe our descendants will eventually tease apart the fundamental mathematical equations describing the foundations of our existence and find our universe not alone with nothing but the greek chaos surrounding it but amid a vast collection of universes for our future generations to spread to and conquer.

Goals of Man

☑ Don't get eaten by a lion ☑ Get out of Africa ☐ Get out of Earth ☐ Get out of Solar System ☐ Get out of Galaxy ☐ Get out of Local Group ☐ Get out of Earth-Visible Universe ☐ Get out of Universe

Nice unicode checkboxes. But dude, what are we running from?


A good read on this subject: "Global Catastrophic Risks", edited by Nick Bostrom.

You can also check out the Lifeboat Foundation: Lifeboat.com

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