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Spooning by bitbucket (bitbucket.org)
199 points by eogas on Mar 31, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 28 comments

As someone who pairs 90% of my working time, I can't help but smile at the Bitbucket Flickr gallery:


Narrator guy is great at being terrible actor.

April Fools Day is becoming a 3 day holiday this year.

From early morning UTC+23 to late night UTC-23, I suppose.

Simple! Fork, Spoon, Knife! how did they keep a straight face?

I wonder if they have a chopsticks version. Actually, never mind: that's pair piano-playing.

And what do you mean by that?

It's a two-part joke:

1) The video talks about forking code, pair-programming with spooning, and knifing (pull requests): fork, spoon, and knife. I just wondered if they have a chopsticks version, for people who prefer using chopsticks.

2) Then I realized there is already a context that involves pairing and chopsticks: Chopsticks is a common piano duet. Of course, it doesn't have to be played by two people...


(The video begins with the version you typically hear kids playing, but then, well, you have to watch!)

This was pretty painful to watch as a gay technologist.

I don't quite get how you could see this as anything other than a harmless april's fool prank. This is not homophobia, it's just comedy. Lighten up[1].

[1]: Yes, I read that article on sexism the other week… call me insensitive, but I think lighten up is a perfectly valid answer in this case.


Please explain how the humor of spooning with one's coworkers represents "discrimination or marginalization in your life".

> This is not homophobia, it's just comedy.

Stop it! You guys are killing me!


Homophobia doesn't just mean "bigotry against gay people", it refers more literally to a literal fear of being in a homosexual situation[1]. This fear, or discomfort if you put it more charitably, underpins a lot of attempts at humor, including the OP.

As a bisexual spooning enthusiast and also a developer, I personally don't mind; I think it's totally valid, and potentially pretty funny, to feel apprehensive about that kind of thing. I understand that feeling because that's how I feel about paired programming much of the time ;)

[1] The connection to bigotry comes from the notion that bigotry against gays is motivated by the psychological fear that gays will try to have sex with you; hence someone who seeks to oppress gay people is motivated by homophobia in the more literal sense. No comment on the validity of that notion.

Upvoted this thread, because I think this is an important discussion. However, I think your analysis focuses on the wrong point. Interestingly, you and seanmcq engage in stereotyping by making this situation of male-male intimacy about homosexuality.

To me, the joke here isn't that spooning with a male would be uncomfortable. The joke is that you are spooning with a colleague, in the office. It's a transgression of the relationship you have with colleagues and a transgression of the normal activities that happen in an office environment. That's what makes it uncomfortable and thus funny. That the colleague is usually male is besides the point: it is even funny to gays that feel uncomfortable when thinking about spooning with a colleague in the office.

So you are completely right that a feeling of discomfort underpins this humor. I just disagree with the source of the discomfort.

> Interestingly, you and seanmcq engage in stereotyping by making this situation of male-male intimacy about homosexuality.

It's not a stereotype; the whole point of literal homophobia is that male-male intimacy does border uncomfortably on the homosexual.

In any case, your interpretation of the joke is probably more on target; I was just explaining how it could be seen as homophobic.

As a one-armed programmer, I think I'm srsly offended by this.

It would be nice to have these labelled as April 1st posts.

Andy Baio used to catalog embarrassingly lame April 1st pranks in a post titled "Internet Jackass Day". I've always been a bit disappointed the name didn't catch on.

Anyone else noticed the "distribited" typo?

"bitbucket". It's intentional.

Dingle, Barry

They don't even press the keyboard. :/

I really did not enjoy that.

This is seriously creepy

I'd say it's less "creepy" than "awkward." Which is exactly why it's humorous.



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