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Thank you, Google, for making me uninstall some nVidia packages from Ubuntu that were apparently stopping WebGL from working. The tool you built is also kinda nifty, and I might even use it when trying to help people online with mathematics.

Nonetheless, my day-to-day search traffic is still being offloaded to DuckDuckGo and my day-to-day image traffic is still going to Blekko. It's not you, it's me.

Blekko's good for images? I gave it a few tries a while back but I got distracted by the slash syntaxes and forgot what I was looking for :) I'll give it another try.

Today I mainly use Yahoo's image search for images.

Disabling JS on Google Search (with Opera's site-specific preference or NoScript) also does a lot of good to make this once-great search engine somewhat more usable (not for the results, of course, but at least it's not continuously stealing input focus and mucking up its own search results as you try to navigate with your browser's keyboard shortcuts).

I use Firefox's bookmark-keyword feature. It means that I type directly into the URL bar "i cute ducky" and it matches the following bookmark:

    Name: i jump
    Location: https://blekko.com/ws/%s/images
    Keyword: i
Thus it dynamically gets rewritten to "https://blekko.com/ws/cute%20ducky/images as it should.

As you can see, I call these "jumps" and I have a bunch of them. 'o drostie' takes me to http://www.drostie.org/ for example. 'wik Aharanov-Bohm Effect' takes me to the SSL-enabled Wikipedia pages (which used to be in a very ugly place, secure.wikimedia.org, but have now been moved to en.wikipedia.org like you'd expect). There's "def" to define a word, "ety" to look up its etymology, "ark" to look something up in the Wayback Machine, and of course, "s" to search. I like the idea of verbs in my URL bar.

Yes. Opera's had the same functionality for many years :) It's super useful!

I can also recommend making shorcuts for "feeling lucky"-type searches:



go immediately where you want to go (provided your query is specific enough to be the first hit)

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