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That the Nobel Peace Prize is not a serious award should have been evident when Obama won it.

“When Kissinger won the Nobel peace prize, satire died” - Tom Lehrer, long ago

2 wars when he was sworn in, 7 when he left. I'm pretty sure he is the peace prize recipient who started the most wars.

- "I'm pretty sure he is the peace prize recipient who started the most wars"

Henry Kissinger, 1973?

edit: I think Wilson (1919 Nobel; 1913-1921 presidency) is also a contender, if anyone has the patience/stamina to count all his conflicts and classify them. (I.e. what counts as "starting a war" and what's better described as a continuation of an existing conflict).



I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize -- Steven Wright

If we go off the war crimes outlined in Hitchen's "The Trial of Henry Kissinger"

> Hitchens presents Kissinger's involvement in a series of alleged war crimes in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Chile, Cyprus and East Timor.

They are tied for the record for number of nations they committed war crimes in. Although if you include CIA backed coups I think Obama pulls ahead.

At the risk of further encouraging you to think that there is validity to anything you regurgitate, what do you think were the "7 wars"? And how did Obama "start" them?

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