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TechCrunch’s New Search Engine: Powered by Yahoo BOSS (techcrunch.com)
19 points by dell9000 on Nov 26, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

Anyone know when/if they'll release this to the public?

I can't afford to spend the time creating a search engine for my site so it would be great to have a structural search engine. In particular, I'm very interested in this structural data approach - I really just need a way to handle searching "objects" and this seems like a great way to do it.

Disclaimer: I work for the Yahoo! Developer Network

Right now you can use BOSS to get regular web search results and mix them in with you own results on your side.

I'm not sure about when vertical search will be available though. I'll follow up with some people here. I'm happy to email people who are interested when I have an update. You can email me at croucher@yarrhoo-inc.com once you fix the obviously silly pirate reference.

What do you mean by the pirate reference?

I've updated the grandparent to make more sense though.

I'm pretty sure he means to fix the deliberate piratized misspelling of yarrhoo-inc to yahoo-inc. This technique started with inserting "NOSPAM" into email addresses when posting them publicly on the web as a spam protection measure. Since email harvesters probably account for NOSPAM insertions by now, the pirate spelling is more effective and, on top of that, arguably funnier.

That's pretty much the size ofit. In our office we definitely value funny.

I was so tickled when I found out we own the misspelling yarhoo.com and point it at yahoo.com

That's excellent. Yahoo's got a very fun sense of humor.

you really should try and get it to redirect to it's own page on Sep 19th. That would be awesome matey.

I used to work on Frontpage and I had been trying to get a Pirate logo up. However they tend to only change the logo for major holidays or charities. The only charity I could find that did pirate day stuff are a cancer charity. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness, that got vetoed for doing 2 cancer charity things too close together.

Ah well... I'm going to have another go for next year. I was thinking that yarhoo.com could be a pirate translation of your homepage.

Ah thanks for the lesson.

I didn't even notice the misspelling.

> What do you mean by the pirate reference? i think he means you have to change the "yarrr" bit .. :)

How many web pages does BOSS index?

I use Yahoo Boss as my site's search engine (by using the site:domain.com query), but since my site is new, the Yahoo crawler indexes pages very slowly.

Assuming BOSS Custom has a way to feed results to the Yahoo crawler, this should become the best way to a simple site search.

Yea I'm looking into it but I need a crawler I can feed data into as well as a way to provide auxiliary data.

For example, if I am selling houses I want to be able to have additional information about # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, and so forth that can easily be included in search.

If you are interested in structured data you should also look at some of the search monkey stuff. Search monkey gives a real insight into how the Y! search engine uses structured data.


Essentially the crawler will discover Microformats or RDFa on a site to use in the index. The current suggested vocabularies are Dublin Core, FOAF, VCard, VCal, Review, SIOC, Good Relations, DBPedia and Freebase (http://developer.yahoo.com/searchmonkey/smguide/profile_voca...).

Searchmonkeys use these to visually enhance listing but I'm sure there will be other structured data use in the future, and that the technologies used in BOSS vertical search are in the same family as those used in Searchmonkey.

"suggesting that Yahoo BOSS Custom projects require a considerable amount of technical resources"

Maybe not so much.

If you use Firefox you can get results from the TechCrunch Network each time you search on Google by downloading this search extension.


The latest version of the WebMynd extension lets you personalize your Google searches with the information sources that you most value. So we've set up a version that shows TechCrunch results by default, but you can also get results from Hacker News, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia and many others (including YC startups).

Cuil Killer.

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