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Ask HN: Review my startup (easyfreeimages.com)
8 points by dhpmx 2931 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

I landed on the page and got lost. Its fine if you haven't setup your sign up yet, but there's not even marketing copy telling me why I'm there, and what I'm supposed to do.

What is unique about this photo sharing? Why would I use this over flickr, or any of the dozens of other photo sharing tools?

needs more information on purpose/benefits/features/signup/etc..

i understand what its for and what it does, and so will most hackers, but this isn't really an app for hackers. you have to let the people know, on that first page, exactly whats happening, or they'll pass it by.

It's a new site, so it's still very much in development. However that being said, I agree that I need to make the frontpage a little more inviting... Why would you use my site vs. flickr or picasa etc... 1. You keep 100% ownership of YOUR media, you don't have to sell you soul in exchange for a free service. That's why I created this site... those are my pictures and I refuse to give up my rights in exchange for a free service. 2. The other sites I tried are so clutered with "web 2.0" garbage that they are annoyingly slow or loaded with all kinds of ads or offensive material. 3. We try to make uploading and managing your videos and photos really easy... ie: mom approved

So try to find a photo/video hosting site that is easy to use, fast, not loaded with ads or not loaded with offensive material.... hmmm !

thanks for your input

I really cant think of any complaints I have with flickr... it's my favorite web application only second to gmail.

Why would I switch to your service? To look at your arguments:

I find flickr extremely easy to use (even my parents enjoy it).

I have never found it to be slow... in fact I am suprised how fast uploading can be at times.

I dont see any ads on my flickr page...?

Offensive material? hmm I guess its there, but I dont look for it so why is that important?


But I do love the ease of things like uploading from desktop apps (fspot). Easy to title, organize, and add descriptions. Easy to order prints...

I think you do have some benefits, but your description is not convincing me. Is it like flickr without the social networking part?

FYI Flickr has started using ads sporadically.. Did you also know that according to their terms of service, you give them "world-wide, royalty free and non-exclusive license(s)" to whatever you upload on their servers...

I think the whole "social networking" part is nice but it's turn into a mess where you're constantly fending of spam and lame comments from complete idiots...

I'm workiong on tags, searching, favorites etc. not sure about comments...

Also working on blackberry/iphone uploading etc.

I'm more interested in things people want, not just flash !


Then what makes your service better than Picasa? Because that's the flip side of the Flickr coin: no emphasis on the social, heavy emphasis on controlling your images and sorting them well. And it's a beast. Flickr's nicer and more used, but Picasa may be better in a lot of ways.

Needs more user friendly / readable URLs. Like easyfreeimages.com/{username} and the domain name is quite long. Could it be shortened to something like efi.com (probably not, but it would be a better option for quick typing and pasting urls in emails).

Good suggestions... thanks

the french link doesn't work

Work in progress... need translators !

use the google translate API. It's magical.

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