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A traditional Spanish village instead of Silicon Valley and the launch of a startup (eisokant.com)
17 points by eisokant on Nov 26, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Sounds like a heavenly place to live. I wish you all the best and will be eager to follow your success!

Thank you! I look forward to sharing about the road to it.

And another entrepreneur is (re?)born.

However, I'm not quite sure this Community CEO thing can fly (Loic leMeur's blessing not withstanding), design by committee is always sure to fail. But it's going to be a nice experiment anyway. Best of luck anyway, looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Thank you!

About being a community CEO (and coder ;-)): I believe you're building for your users - they are your community, who knows better what they want and where they want the product to go.

oh absolutely, I wasn't talking about ignoring the feedback loop or not doing constant iteration. I was saying that you need to have someone that takes decisions and the accountability rather than trying to please everybody. :)

Sorry, I missunderstood you there. I completely agree with you!

Cool post, good luck with the business.

Whereabouts in southern Spain are you? My wife and I spent a week near Nerja and loved it.

Thank you! The city nearest is Marbella. About a 120 km left of Nerja.

> 120 km left of


Left = West?

Haha, yup west ;-)

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