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Change.gov uses IntenseDebate (change.gov)
21 points by bkudria on Nov 26, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

The IntenseDebate guys work hard on their product and are some of the nicest dudes around. It's good to see a startup like ID get some big exposure like this.

Looks like IntenseDebate have been acquired already (by Automattic, the maker of WordPress)


Yeah, they were acquired by Automattic a couple months ago, but the same dudes are running the show at ID.

They're getting some interesting answers there. Good on them, and good to see a government entity not being afraid of a democratic system!..

Kind of makes sense: isn't it the default in Wordpress now? Or am I wrong and this is unrelated?

Congrats to the team, though! That's excellent.


Is this forum exclusive for only Ycombinator companies and not other incubator companies? There is no biased for posting Ask HN rate my start-up.

Congrats to the IntenseDebate team!

I guess the relevance is that they came out of TechStars, a YC clone/competitor.

And that they are direct competitors with Disqus, a (great) YC company.

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