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i hire people.

the vast majority of people calling themselves recruiters are actually just sourcing. they do no filtering, vetting, etc and have been uniformly a waste of our time.

not sure how to change this.

I'm in a somewhat unique position, in that I can comfortably run the first technical phone interview, in addition to filtering resumes before candidates even get to that point. However, this is definitely part of the problem, overall, because most recruiters weren't engineers at some point or another. InterviewStreet et al address this issue to some extent, but I wish there were other, more universal solutions, too.

That's probably what sets you apart.

I think another problem is that I have met people with previous experience in engineering who aren't as "consultative" as they could be.

Most recruiters hide behind the infamous line of "well, it's what my client wants and they pay the bills." Just because they pay your salary doesn't mean they are always right. If your client has the hiring expertise and time themselves, why are they hiring you? I'm not saying to completely ignore their needs, though. I am saying that the recuriter has to be more than a paper pusher and just simply tick boxes.

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