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"I hope that this post encourages other JRubyists to speak up" (syntatic.wordpress.com)
36 points by evdawg on Nov 26, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

For what it's worth, GitHub will be licensing copies of the site shortly using JRuby so we can distribute the code compiled.

We're fans.

Wow - that's a pretty strong endorsement. Best of luck with it all !

Wow. That was a really great post. I've been contemplating about switching to JRuby because of all the headaches C Ruby and Rails has with Threading. This is a very good endorsement to switch. And, with GitHub doing the same. hmmmmmmm

What is he talking about when he says "pricing time"?

I understood it was the time it takes to calculate the price of the financial instruments.

It sounds similar to work I did on an Energy Trading floor. We had a system that would price out financial contracts and energy assets over various time frames to manage the investment risk.

Unfortunately we didn't use Ruby, we were stuck with Java and Matlab, but the HPC Computing Cluster was cool.

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