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I have been (slowly) developing a chess engine in go [1] (still a long way to go, no pun intended!)

What I like most about go is its simplicity and cleanness while still allowing you to program somewhat close to the metal. In fact, it often feels considerably more like a higher level language than a systems language.

The go tool is quite fantastic too. My chess engine project folder contains 41 go files, including a number of files containing tests (named XXX_test.go) which contain functions named TestXXX. My entire test + build process is:-

    ~/gocode/src/weak$ go test ./... && go build
Go is like a very delicious trifle - the further into it you go, the more delicious things you find. The quality is clear throughout.

Go is very unassuming. You start by wondering what the big deal is + getting annoyed with the minor differences from other C-syntax languages before slowly progressing towards quite liking it, then eventually once you grok how simple + elegant and well engineered it is you come to love it.


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