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Clock people have great words for things. Their word for features is "complications".

The more you think about it, that term is great. It makes us focus on maintenance, not building. I wonder if clock people naturally have a longer perspective because they work on mechanical things.

I will try to use this term in software development too. Wish me luck.

The subject of timekeeping is called horology. For collectors/ enthusiasts I've been trying to popularize the term hormonger, but it hasn't caught on yet.

Well as a hormonger I'm going to start using it.

I never understood where the term came from and I also have an avid interest in watching mechanical watch teardowns/rebuilds on YT.

This explains everything and I've never had a more clearer click of understanding in my life.

During early watch making history the competition was between individual watch makers and the mark of a good watchmaker beyond accurate time telling, was to add more things besides time telling I.e. complications above and beyond just telling the time.

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