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Do tell how I would enter Ж with my Alt-keys. Or better yet, tell me how to tell apart 'e' and 'е' (one of them being a Cyrillic letter.)

A popular Russian CRM (1С) has a scripting language where the code looks like:

СпрСотр = СоздатьОбъект("Справочник.Сотрудники"); СпрСотр.Новый(); СпрСотр.Наименование = ФИО; СпрСотр.Должность = Должность; СпрСотр.Оклад = Оклад; СпрСотр.ДатаПриема = ДатаПриема; СпрСотр.Записать();

It's not surprising they were not able to expand to the Europe market.

Op was complaining about é, not Ж.

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