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Show HN: API Jobs, a new job site focused on APIs
37 points by johns on March 28, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 15 comments
In my spare time to remind myself that I could actually build stuff (and learn some Python, Flask, Redis, etc) I put together a simple job board to feature the best jobs in the API industry. The jobs can be either building APIs at companies like Twilio, Box, Stripe, etc. or integrating them. In addition to featuring those jobs, I'm also aggregating API jobs from GitHub Jobs, Stack Overflow Careers 2.0, and 37signals Job Board.

Today I launched with what I would consider an 'MVP' with jobs from SendGrid, TokBox, Twilio, Zencoder, Parse, Stripe, Pusher and Box.

Check it out, I'd love to know what you think of it.


Cool, but can you make an API request to see the jobs?!

Clarification: I see that your API is coming soon. Just kidding around. I really liked the design though.

Wanted to make sure there was interest before I invested the time in it. It's looking like there is.

Yes, please accept application/json and text/plain, the latter so we can just curl and grep for keywords.

Very smart to link to jobs available via external sources too. Good luck!

This is spectacular! Congratulations! Going to add this to my list of go-to sites next time I'm in the job market. :D

I imagine filtering will be available in version 2.0?


looks pretty neat. How are you fetching jobs from the different sources? do they all have api's for their jobs sites?

RSS feeds from their search functions, or in 37signals case pulling in all RSS items and then filtering for just those that match what I'm looking for. Then a little post-processing work to extract the data into something more structured.


it's pretty!

check what out? you didn't link anything.

Edited! Thanks :)

Congrats on going live, looks good!

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