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I've been putting together a small blogging application with Go just for fun on the side to pick up the language and work on my web design.

Its a great language, I'm not using it for half of its capabilities but it very much feels well thought out and the community is very helpful.

Key pieces:

-My code isn't much more complex than my ruby or python.

-The stdlib is pretty fantastic.

-Right now tutorials and 'blogs' are all over the place with compatibility for go, rule of thumb if it says "goinstall" in the guide probably a good sign its an older guide.

-All network communications use epoll in the backend so you get lots of the fun things you would normally get from something like node.js without callback soup.

Ideally go would probably work for a web service or building some backend networked code, or even a simple command line utility. Right now there is not much in the way of GUI code outside of websites which is unfortunate cause I'd like to use the goroutines with some graphics ideas I've had.

Do you know of any recent tutorials on writing web applications in Golang? I saw a slideshow from two years ago, but the content seemed to be fairly abstract for a framework.

It really depends on your needs and the type of application you're making. For example my applications, apart serving a few static html, css and js files, just answer to JSON or JSONP queries. That can be done in a dozen lines of code, all the remaining code will be related to your application logic.

So you just need to look at the net/http API, and at a few code samples. I cannot find the the old golang wiki codelab sample (has it gone away with Go1 ?), so here's an example of a JSONP server that you can reduce to a few lines if you remove the specific application logic and the profiling hook : https://github.com/Canop/braldop/blob/master/go/src/braldops...

EDIT : I found an example on the golang site. If you're not interested in JSON, it will be more suited to your need : http://golang.org/doc/effective_go.html#web_server

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