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jamiequint 1971 days ago | link | parent

They don't actually. Ad agencies have people who do this stuff for a living (generating what they feel will be the optimal ads). Agencies have been held back by these people in a way, because they are naturally very resistive to someone telling them that a computer might be able to do their job better than they can, even if the end result may not be as aesthetically pleasing to them.

joshwa 1971 days ago | link

In terms of automating the variations, that can be done ahead of time with photoshop scripting/etc, and then leaving it up to the adserver's optimization algorithms to serve the best-performing creative.

e.g. http://www.rightmedia.com/solutions/ad-server/

Then there are the folks doing personalized dynamic text/etc on ads, e.g:

http://mediaplex.co.uk/dynamic_messaging.shtml http://advertising.yahoo.com/marketing/smartads/


drusenko 1971 days ago | link

you're talking a couple generations behind what we're doing. there is a huge difference between plugging 10 variations into an ad server and using a genetic algorithm to quickly and efficiently find a local (or global) maxima in a search space of over 1 billion possibilities with constantly shifting preferences.

smartads is also a very different product, very focused on offer optimization, with a rigid system that doesn't expand well beyond the specific verticals they've created templates for. most players in this space have fairly limited optimization abilities, ie a/b testing, which does not scale up.


joshwa 1971 days ago | link



brandnewlow 1971 days ago | link

Heh. Sounds like newspapers!


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