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2) What if I build a redirect engine that doesn't redirect to an affiliate page at first and then turn on the redirect after your engine completes the permalink check? For example, if you do the permalink check when the story is published, I would have my engine wait 5 minutes or so before changing the destination of the URL to my affiliate page.

For my own work I plan to keep a store of ALL user submitted links.

I plan to iterate over it and do sane things with it: * Is it an embedded image and is Chrome reporting the domain as malware? = Convert to link instead of image * If it a link that was only transiently available? = indicate that it is no longer available and suggest searching instead

My aim is to self-heal user submitted content that links elsewhere, as much as it is to monetise that content where it's possible to.

I plan to visit links on a schedule and react as necessary. I hadn't really figured in affiliate spammers, but that would just be part of the self-healing now... detect change in destination and re-run the bit that strips affiliate codes.

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